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... everything comes from the people...

Know our talented artists that make everything possible.

Know our creative team

Daniel Arce


Co-founder and director. Daniel is a graphic designer passionated about animation and storytelling. With experience working in 3D animation in Colombia and the UK. So if you have a project, email Daniel at

Ana Arce

Europa-Latinamerica affairs

Ana is a linguist and MA in beaux arts. Passionated about script writing and film she is the production conection between Europe and Latin America. if you are in Europe just email her at

Jose Arce

2D animation direction

Jose is our talented 2D artist and 2D animation director, with experience in shows like Jake and the neverland pirates and Teen Titans GO he makes life more colorful!

Ricardo Gomez

Creative / copy

 Ricardo is the brain behind Creative  IDEAS & STORIES and in 24HRS to On-Air Promotions & Sales department for Networks,
Agencies and Companies.